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I don’t know about you but if I am honest with myself I think I am great at multitasking. That was until I realised that it took me ages to get through everything when I wasn’t prepared. And even worse I usually forgot to do something. Am I alone? No! Well, I didn’t think so!

I have no excuse given that I am a grown adult and coould be developing these skillsets. But just imagine how hard it is for the little (and not so little) ones who wouldn’t have developed these skills and awareness just yet. In this fast-paced world your kids are always multitasking. Children are always do numerous things at once….playing, eating, watching television, reading, homework – and all while watching what’s going on around them in the family. Don’t forget that many of us are guilty of doing this with their phone open on twenty different apps.



It’s tiring just thinking about it, but it’s second nature to them! It is a necessary skill to have but not the best one to be using in all situations so being aware and adapting helps. This means that they are probably having fun of course, which is important, but it doesn’t help if you want them to focus on and complete certain tasks to the best of their ability.  And let’s face it – they really need to be doing this when it comes to study or homework.

So what can you do?

Children get distracted easy, especially with all this multitasking. But did you know distractions can limit our brains ability to retain information and create memories? This means that kids struggle to learn when they are not focused. Make sure at homework time that there can be nothing else to steal there attention.


Televisions, tablets,phones are all to be removed.

Often you can catch your child on their phone or looking at the telly and telling you they are doing their homework. Just remind them this makes it longer to do the homework. Less distractions now equals more time to watch telly later 🙂img_1615-2

Try to prioritise focusing on one task at a time.

Children can become overwhelmed when there is too much to do. Try to get them used to thinking about one task at a time, having only that assignment open in front of them.

Try to have a set homework time. If they are really struggling with the lack of distractions sometimes some low background noise of music can help. But nothing too loud. Teenagers and kids alike will not be immediate fans of quiet time when you take away all these distractions. Stick with it they will get used to it. The younger you start this the better.


We would love to hear your tips and tricks to get your troops in the zone! Share your tips with us 🙂

img_1616Multitasking and knowing when to focus