Never underestimate the power of a happy and healthy brain in making your life that little easier. Many of us get headaches and a foggy brain when things get too tough, or when we are run down. This is a universal sign that you need to take a step back and look after yourself.why-train-the-brain-500x500


Some times it feels like brains should have a ‘battery low’ signal flashing so we know it needs to be recharged. That would be handy!

But how to you recharge? Have you fallen into bad habits like me? I have always had a strict ‘I am overwhelmed’ routine… Perhaps your one is similar?

Step 1: Major meltdown/ panic about everything I have to do.

Step 2: Watching 5 hours of Netflix instead. (something action related so brain can totally zone out).

Step 3: Finish full box set, realise you have two hours left to do everything and finally start.

Step 4: Realise it all was actually not as scary as you thought and promise next time you will make a list and be organised.

Repeat over and over for about 15 – 20 years until cooked.

I may have missed a step in there that involved a trip to shop for chocolate and obligatory stress eating but you get my drift! 😛

It never mattered what I was doing- working, painting, cleaning (ok that last one was rare! 😛 ).. this cycle seemed to be embedded in my DNA. That’s why I now make sure to take some time to look after my brain so I don’t get stressed as quick. A healthier brain and body means dealing with unexpected times of stress easier.

Here are some little tips for keeping that brain happy! Pin them to the fridge as a reminder 🙂

What are your tips? We would love to hear them


Carmel x

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