ADHD & Mutual Frustration in the Home:

For Parents with kids affected by ADHD, enforcing conventional boundaries and household routines often proves overwhelming and near impossible. Healthline published an article sharing parenting tips for ADHD, the piece provided advice on how parents can effectively manage their frustrations and “cope with some of the behaviours which result from [their] child’s ADHD”. The article asserts that Children affected by ADHD have functionally different brains from those of other childrenand that the condition can make children prone to impulsive [and destructive] behaviour.

Typically, children affected by ADHD have deficits in executive function: the ability to think and plan ahead, organise, control impulses, and complete tasks . Meeting your child at loggerheads, in frustration over their inability to adhere to instructions is a sure way to escalate a conflict situation and cause tension in the parent-child relationship. So how can you best manage your child’s hyper-distracted or excessively restless behaviour?

Understanding Distracted or Disruptive ADHD-Related Behaviour:

One of the best strategies to understand and manage your child’s distracted and disruptive ADHD related behaviour is to recognise the frustration that you are experiencing is mutual. As HelpGuide highlights in a recent article, the negative behaviours your child is exhibiting – restless, aggressive distracted, spaced out, ignoring your instructions – are “a challenge for the child to manage on their own and do not reflect their inner desire to co-operate” and act in a positive, rewarding way.

Take the time to explore the unique ways your child respond to different environments, stimulus and situations. ADHD is a complex condition, because what’s really disordered is the child’s ability to control and direct what he’s paying attention to. So many kids with ADHD are perfectly capable of intense focus on things that are very exciting to them, like video games,but they can’t maintain that kind of focus on things that aren’t immediately rewarding, like schoolwork or putting on their shoes or going to bed. It can helps to stay calm and controlled in agitating situations by keeping in mind that children with ADHD have the ability to focus with intensity, so you can harness this hyperfocus into the most beneficial path for your child.

Overcome Parent-Child Conflict with Cerebrill Platform:

Cortechs has developed a data-driven platform – CereBrill – that improves focus and attention via games, browser and wearable applications! Following the success of our game Zip and the Misty Mountain for children ages 6-12 years old, we have upgraded our technology to a more accessible ADHD management platform. We understand that the symptoms of ADHD can be a cause of conflict and confusion in the home, at school or other social situations. We are helping families to build better relationships, by managing the disruptive behaviours associated with ADHD using our end-to-end digital solution platform. You are able to channel their attention deficit and hyperactive behaviour into high impact brain training games. The time spent helping your child understand how to train their mind is an important chance for bonding.

When the child learns to control their emotional and cognitive faculties, it can reduce aggression and conflicts that often arise from restless and distracted behaviour in the home. CereBrill online platform connects you to relevant healthcare workers and clinicians who provides you with a comprehensive view of your child’s cognitive progress through brain reports. You can access the clinician treatment plans easily on your tablet or phone, so you always have peace of mind and constant communication and support.

Help your child channel their energy into positive arenas, and bring greater calm to your family. With consistent cognitive and behavioural training, your child gains a better grasp of their mental abilities, and greater opportunity for success in life. CereBrill platform applications provides users with engaging and personalised digital system for managing ADHD. Our technology is powered by neurofeedback. CereBrill application is created from evidence-based neuroscience and paediatric research and treatment methods: neurofeedback allows a person to gain mastery over anxiety, focus, concentration, and relaxation. It also creates flexibility in the mind. The American Academy of Paediatrics recognises the benefits of nneurofeedback being as effective as medication for ADHD.


Our neurofeedback backed games, Smartwatch applications and attention monitoring widgets are designed to improve cognitive and behavioural impairments. Our platform provides individual users and clinicians with advice on how to improve attention & focus levels using specific front-end application. Cortechs are offering free trials of our new application CereBrill. Click the link below to proceed to our website and social platforms Facebook and Twitter. CereBrill platform and smartwatch applications deliver user communication in an engaging and personalised way.

We understand that the symptoms of ADHD can be a cause of conflict and confusion in the home, playground or school, so we created our games to fit into playtime, homework-time or lunchtime.Whatever time of day, you can bond with your child through CereBrill. Join them while they have fun playing CereBrill Attention-Training Games on their smart devices connect to our brain-wave headset. Help them set-up their daily smartwatch reminder schedule via CereBrill Reminder Application integrated to their smartwatch, whether Android, Apple or iWatch. Let CereBrill help you make gradual improvements to your child’s focus levels, improve your family life together, one game at a time!