• Zip & the Misty Mountain
  • Zip & the Misty Mountain
  • Zip & the Misty Mountain
  • Zip & the Misty Mountain
  • Zip & the Misty Mountain
  • Zip & the Misty Mountain

Zip and the Misty Mountain Game and Neurosky Headset


Purchase your Neurosky headset and game here and download Zip and the Misty Mountain Game from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). The game is recommended for children aged 6-12 and teaches them to use their powers of focus and relaxation to help Zip reach the Grand Master at the top of the mountain.

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Product Description

Zip is a young apprentice on the Misty Mountain tasked with the challenge of racing to the head temple to wake the Master. Zip must leap over obstacles, gather glowing gems and clear the mist to wake the sleeping monks. Mastering concentration & relaxation is key to unlocking Zips special powers and unlocking each temple door protecting the path to the Master at the top of Misty Mountain.


Once your order for Zip and the Misty Mountain game and headset bundle is processed, you should receive your game and headset bundle within 10 days. Your package will contain your own Neurosky headset PLUS a unique code for you to download your game from Google Play onto your Android device or the App store on your Apple device. Once you have entered your code, you have unlocked Zip and are ready to tackle the mountain with your powers of focus!

Note: The game can be downloaded from Google Play/App Store without the code BUT you need the code to activate and open the application to play Zip and the Misty Mountain.

iPad/iPhone Compatibility: The Neurosky MindWave Mobile+ headset uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) so it will not work with non-BLE iOS devices like iPad2. BLE was introduced to the iPad 3rd generation and iPhone 4s so the headset will work with these or newer versions of Apple devices.

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It’s brilliant fun, sometimes it’s a bit hard. Focusing and avoiding obstacles is the way to get to the top of mountain. My favourite bit is the last level because it’s really tricky, fun and brilliant.

I have found it easier to complete the levels as I learn to concentrate and I love using my focus power to fly. Using my focus power to wake the monks and the abbot is sometimes hard, but I love it when I succeed. I love the pictures in the game.

Tom, aged 9, Tipperary
The game helped my son understand relaxation and meditation techniques better. At the same time his concentration kept improving.

It was a pleasure to play the game, and we would really recommend it to our friends, especially those who have children with attention and behaviour problems.

Galina, Parent, Cork
I liked the graphics- I liked the way you had to concentrate and it’s really fun, the spikey things are good but not the holes you fall into.
Patrick, aged 7, Tipperary
He is more aware now that he has to focus and is better equipped do it, mostly noticeable at homework time.
Robert, Parent, Tipperary